How can you not enjoy a band who's main goal is to be sweet, catchy, sincere, and fun? Dear Nora has just this goal. Katy Davidson (vocals, guitar), Marianna Ritchey (drums), and Ryan Wise (bass) met at Lewis and Clark college in Portland, Oregon. And, like many other Pacific Northwest independent bands, their music is 60's influenced, with enough "la la la's" tambourines, and -gasp- handclaps to have you instantly hooked.

Davidson and Ritchey were college roomates and had a mutual love for girl group inspired harmonies, and any form of 60's pop music. Ritchey and Wise were already members of another Lewis and Clark band, Wolf Colonel. In the summer of 1999, they formed Dear Nora (named after an inpirational college professor.)

After making some casettes on their own, they released a few singles on Magic Marker records (a Portland-based indie label.) Eventually, in 2001, Dear Nora released their first full length album, We'll have a time, with the help of Amy Linton of The Aisler's Set. The cd also featured Jake Longstreth on guitar, and was recorded in Linton's basement.

Dear Nora also released an EP in 2002 titled The New Year on Magic Marker. The 11 song EP features Marci Martinez (formally of Team Dresch) playing drums on several tracks as well as Chloe Scott on flute. Davidson (who wrote nearly all the songs and words) has since relocated to San Francisco where she plays solo shows. She recently played at Olympia's Homo-a-gogo festival.

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