Day of Zeux (often abbreviated DoZ by the ones who participate) is a competition whose competitors and management are both users of Megazeux, a GCS created by Greg Janson, a famous ZZT user.

How it plays out:

  • A host is decided by the general Megazeux community (which resides at and #mzx on on IRC).
  • This host picks the judges for the competition.
  • The host picks a topic, but doesn't tell anybody.
  • Teams of up to three are created by competitors.
  • A number buffer assigns team numbers to teams.
  • The day arrives. Everybody shows up in the #mzx IRC channel to hear the topic.
  • Once topic is announced, teams have exactly twenty-four hours to create a Megazeux-generated computer game based on the topic.
  • After the twenty-four are over, the games must be zipped and sent to the host.
  • The host checks the games for disqualifications.
  • The host removes all DQ'd games and releases all the other ones for everyone (including the judges) to play.
  • The judges play all the games and judge them on a set criterion.
  • The judges send in their scores and the host tallies them up.
  • The host then releases the scores and announces the winners.
  • Lather, rinse, repeat.
General Rules: (they change from competition to competition, but there are still the same general set of rules)
  • All parts of the entry except music must be made inside of the twenty-four hour block.
  • Teams may have a maximum of three participants.
  • Nowhere in the game may you have information concerning the identities of the creators.
  • All entries must be compatible with the most recent version of Megazeux
  • All scores are final.
The History:

"The DoZ is a time-honoured tradition founded in 1998, based off of small contests called Blitzkrieg Zeuxes. These consisted of making a game in ten to sixty minutes & seeing who could make the best game in such a short amount of time."

The first DoZ was done in the summer of 1998.
TOPIC: Time Travel
WINNER: Duhreetoh

DATE: winter, 1998
WINNER: Creator/Myth/Nebula

DATE: spring, 1999
TOPIC: Stress
WINNER: Team of Doom

DATE: winter, 1999
WINNER: Team of Doom

DATE: summer, 2000
TOPIC: Freedom
WINNER: Final Revolution

DATE: winter, 2000
TOPIC: Exploration
WINNER: Exophase/Tabris/md

DATE: summer, 2001
*TOPIC: Rebirth or Bloodthirsty Plants
WINNER: ex0r0x0r

DATE: winter, 2001
*TOPIC: Stability or Forces of Nature
WINNER: NFTN (No Fucking Team Name)
*Those were Dualstream Zeuxes. You could only do one of the two. They actually had 3 winners, one overall, one for the first category and one for the second category. The overall winner is shown.

Why People Do It:

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