David Boon is one of the toppest Aussies ever. He was a member of the Australian cricket team from 1984 to 1996. They called him 'Stumpy' because he batted with tree stumps instead of SS Jumbos. Boony is a proud Tasmanian and if you knocked Tassie in front of him he would probably kill you. In 1988 he spewed on national TV when he was playing at Adelaide Oval. Although Boonie is a short man, he has been known to sink a shitload of piss. In 1989 he became an Australian cricketing hero when he put back 56 beers on the way to a cricket match in England. If you tried to drink as much as Boonie you would probably die. Boonie is a top Aussie. Most people think boonie is so tops they want him to be our first president (http://www.boonieforpresident.com/).

The contents of this writeup written by Grant(Nosedog) and can be found in its original form at http://www.geocities.com/topaussieguide/Page1.htm Permission gained from Grant on 20 November, 2000 to reproduce the text on everything2. Many thanks

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