In the game of cricket, fine leg is a fielding position that is located between backward square leg and the wicket-keeper on the on side.

Fine leg is, by default, in the deep, ie, on the boundary. It is sometimes prefaced with "deep", as in deep fine leg, although this is redundant. Occasionally the fine leg fielder will be positioned closer to the batter. This typically occurs in a one-day game where special rules exist to prevent too many players being positioned in the deep. Unfortunately there is no standard way to refer to this position - short fine leg would make sense but it does not seem to be used.

Fine leg is a defensive position intended to stop runs being scored from a leg glance or hook. It requires a fielder with a strong throwing arm, and is often filled by a fast bowler.

The fine leg fielder is usually very close to the crowd, and is often called upon to write autographs for fans in between balls.

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