One of the funnier spoofs of any pop star, in this case that of Christina Aguilera.

Her character first appeared on an episode of The Andy Dick Show on MTV, where Daphne was making a music video, and MTV was doing a Making the Video. Andy Dick was in drag as Daphne, filming Naughty Baby Did a No-No.

"Daphne Aguilera, Christina Aguilera's mother's cousin's [something] who lives on the same block."

The camera then proceeds to follow "her" around as they make a video. What's funny is how she spits, farts, and acts like a spoiled prima-donna. She yells at everyone, acts like a big star, and smashes Christina's picture.

In the video you see him/her in a hot cheerleader outfit to rival Baby One More Time. Cut to breathing heavily, and her sucking on two popsicles in a suggestive way. Also she hits on the obese principal, and has Playgirl cutouts in her locker. Most fans say it's one of the best, if not the best skit on the show.

Months later, as a suprise on the MTV Video Music Awards 2001, Daphne comes out on stage with a bunch of dancers, performing the same song. Clad in a blond ponytail wig, hot pink shorts that said "Do Me" on the back and a little tank top, Dick proceeded to have a hissy fit on stage when a backup dancer stepped on his foot.

"Stop the music!" he screamed, and proceeded to tear into the backup person, then said how horrible the whole group was. "You look like a high school cast of Rent." After calling all his dancers bitches, he then turned to look at the audience, now in hysterics. Dick screamed "I hate you all! And especially you, jabbing his press-on fingernails at Christina Aguilera, 10th row center. He then marched into the audience , climbing over the seats where he told Christina, "I was singing and dancing before you were a twinkle in your pappy's sack." I don't think she (or I) could stop laughing.

Near the end of 2001, Andy Dick made an appearance on MadTV. There was a scene when he was in the Green Room, and the coordinator told him that Daphne Aguilera was booked for the show. "Are you nuts!? She's crazy!" He had an earlier altercation, and wasn't looking forward to meeting her again. Either way, she was booked, partly because she won some fake award for being best child role model.

She comes on stage and does a new song, but doesn't get very far again. Immediately she stops singing because "someone took a picture of me!" She yanked the soccer mom out of the audience by her hair and proceeded to beat the stuffing out of her on stage. "You're a terrible role model!" the mom managed to gasp out.

A few minutes later, you see Daphne come into the green room (drunk?) and starts picking on Andy. Cut to another camera showing Andy putting some wrestling move on a blond dummy. Everybody knows it's the same person, so they didn't try to hide it too well.

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