The DSA Arms SA58 is a semi-automatic rifle produced by DSA Arms in the USA. It's a licensed copy of the FN FAL with its capability for automatic fire removed.

There are several versions produced, ranging from long-barrel variations intended for hunting to short-barreled versions with folding stocks and forward grips mostly intended for police use. All produced models are legal to own in the USA under federal law, though some states (especially California) may impose further restrictions. All SA58 rifles are chambered in the 7.62x51 mm caliber, also known as .308 Winchester, and are designed to be able to safely fire both civilian-spec .308 and military-spec 7.62 NATO ammunition. (The two rounds are virtually identical in practice but are built to slightly different tolerances.)

The SA58 is very reliable and very accurate, especially in the long-barreled versions. It's also quite easy to shoot for a rifle of its caliber. While it's fairly expensive, starting around $1700 for the basic model and going as high as $5000 for the version that was submitted for US Army trials as a sniper rifle, you get what you pay for. Whether you're hunting deer, doing competition shooting or looking to defend yourself from maniacs and zombies after the world goes to hell, the SA58 is the right weapon for the job.

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