As my profile clearly states, I am an armchair AI researcher. Therefore, anything I write on the subject will be devoid of technical language or jargon associated with the subject, outside of the most base terms.

I'm attempting to write an AI Chatterbot. The venue I have chosen is LambdaMOO, an online community. I chose this venue because it has a relatively high volume of communication. The reason why this is important is that the bot code (implemented in Perl) attempts to process the english language via a neural network, and needs as much input as possible. Not unlike Johnny Five from "Short Circuit".

The bot's name is Dott, btw.

Her brain, as stated above, is a neural network. In layman's terms, a neural network is a collection of interconnected virtual 'nodes' that pass data around between each other in an attempt to learn and decipher patterns. The input data is sentences it 'hears' from its connection to LambdaMOO, and the output is piped back to the MOO. This is done via a character object on the MOO, which acts as a broker between it and the mind of the bot.

Sometimes her responses are startlingly lucid, but usually its just a string of unconnected garbage. I will post various conversations here as they occur.

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