DOOMCom is a suite-like area in the MIT Senior Haus dormitory. Originally founded in the early 1990's by refugees from German House (most of them fleeing relationship trouble) as a suite in Nichols 201.

DOOMCom has undergone several identity shifts, but is usually associated with the MIT Assassins' Guild and the roof and tunnel hacking community.

The redesign of the dormitory in 1995 and 1996 led to DOOMCom's relocation to the south end of the first floor. Its proximity to the courtyard leads to its residents barricading the entrances during Steer Roast.

The denizens of DOOMCom, in order of residence, have been:

  1. mark
  2. xiphmont
  3. baspitz
  4. tcbruno
  5. midum
  6. katzchen
  7. cordelia
  8. foley
  9. leogonz
  10. laxbum
  11. jdsylvan
  12. jlwfnord
  13. seph
  14. jhsung
  15. bcramey
  16. bsr
  17. dawneko
  18. blake
  19. panda
  20. arma
  21. gbritton
  22. jessifry
  23. juliad
  24. stephu
  25. jmlaszlo
  26. greenie
  27. stacyfig
  28. aditi
  29. kickinit

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