NOT to be confused with the hardass rapper, he's a skinny white guy from the UK who produces quality 1980s-style synth pop. He does "rap" on some of his tracks though... it borders on satire sometimes, but it's got a groove. The DMX is an 80s drum machine.


DMX Krew is a guy called Ed DMX who makes music for Aphex Twin's Rephlex label as well as running his own which is called Breakin'Records. He's released three albums spanning electro, pop and experimental sounds, never following trends but forging his own musical direction.

That sums it up well. Listen to some and be taken into the smooth, funky analogue world.
come on... he released a picture disc with an image of him scratching turntables that are mounted on his knees... so fresh.

Here's his discography:

DMX Krew - We Are DMX

DMX Krew - Good Time Girl / Denki No Merodi

DMX Krew - 17 Ways to Break My Heart

DMX Krew - Nu Romantix**

DMX Krew - Ffressshh!

DMX Krew - Can't Hide Your Love Remixes

DMX Krew - Can't Hide Your Love

DMX Crew - Sound of the Street**

and if I may... ** denotes 65535 recommends

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