Slang. Means friend. Can be considered part of your krew. Sometimes spelled dogg. Not to be confused with the quadrupeds that infest peoples homes.

Gnarg is my truest dawg
In the South: a canine, pronounced -dow-guh.

example: "He's meaner 'en a junkyard dawg."

The mascot of the University of Georgia- the Bulldogs,
Dawgs, for the true fan.

"How 'bout them Dawgs??!" ( A cheer and bumpersticker)

On the Paronomasic Propensities of Computer Scientists

DAWG is also an acronym for Directed Acyclic Word Graph. It was coined by Andrew Appel and Guy Jacobson in their seminal paper on computer-based Scrabble, "The World's Fastest Scrabble Program". There was of course no need for a new acronym as the more generic form "Directed Acyclic Graph" (or DAG) would have sufficed quite nicely - but if they had used that, their tree-walking procedure could never have been described as Walking the Dawg...

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