Jolly music is the new project from Francesco de Bellis and Mario Pierro, two of the most productive musicians on the Roman electronic scene and the guys behind the MAT101 material. Jollymusic is a combination of modern electronic music combined with the extreme use of samples from old & forgotten records found in second hand markets. Fusing their knowledge of new technologies with many old fashioned techniques, they place a special emphasis on the rude source of the samples (mostly taken from worn/scratched vinyl or old tapes with which they conducted many strange and bizarre editing experiments). Living in an era when digital quality is all-important, deleting the fat and warm sound of vinyl, Jollymusic were determined to introduce a little unpredictability into the medium. The result is a big melting pot where many styles blend perfectly together creating an incredible, unique and fresh sound like nothing you've heard before. A sound that moves from hip hop to psychedelic disco, from electro funk to spaced-out electro-acoustic. A monumental exercise in diversity, with ten years worth of research into the world of experimental electronic dance music condensed on one album.

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