The DMS100 is a digital switching system which can serve small to very large telephone rate centers on the PSTN. It is manufactured by Nortel. Chances are that your telephone service is served by some sort of a DMS switch, with the DMS100 being among Nortel's most popular line of products. It handles up to 135,000 lines.

The DMS100 Switch is a dialtone switch made by Nortel, and is a nifty little switch that RBOC's such as GTE, Ameritech, USWest and other baby bells like to use.

DMS100 is also the domain of what some people have termed the Ultra Super Mega Dragon power. It begins with a simple entrance to a porn site. It then starts kicking out new browser windows at an alarming rate, armed with an odd script that will regenerate closed windows. These new windows are scaled to fit the infamous hello.jpg of Goatse, and as your monitor becomes swamped with windows of hell, a sound clip will begin to play. It will loop, and it will do so at a high volume. The dialogue of this assault upon the senses will be: "HEY EVERYBODY! I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO!"

The spectacle is guaranteed to attract everybody within a large radius, and they will all be horrified by the jpg that God forgot to delete. The url for this one is simple:

Another site, even more potent than DMS100, is called "FYAG", can be found at , and pops up windows at a much higher rate than DMS. The name comes from the Something Awful forums, where it used to be a name of the forum that was non-stop flame wars. It was short for, appropriately, "F*** you and".

Many a valiant computer warrior has fallen to the non-stop popups. Generally, they pop up so quickly that the only way to kill them is to purposefully crash your internet browser, something Windows users won't find too difficult. On WinXP, a "Close all of type" command, achieved by right-clicking on the taskbar, works well to fight this little corner of digital hell.

Going to either or was covered by stylee in her awesome write-up stupidity often manifests itself as an insatiable desire to fulfill one's curiosity. The small text at the bottom applies if you, after going to ONE site, decide to go to the other.

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