DJ Rectangle is a DJ who mixes popular rap songs together, while simultaneously remixing the songs. Basically, he'll play once rap track with a different beat behind it, then adds another rap track to the same beat, changes the beat, and eventually changes the rap track, all which scratching intermingled in now and then.
Many of his albums are one long mix with no pauses which are usually rather entertaining.
DJ Rectangle has 11 albums out, and are as follows:
  1. The Tables Have Turned
  2. Rollin Deep (Millennium Edition)
  3. Behind Bars
  4. Old School Mixx Volume 2
  5. Ill- Rated
  6. Mixes, Beats & More Vol. 1
  7. Mixes, Beats & More Vol. 2
  8. Deadly Needles
  9. Mix Drankks: Bombay Saphire Martini
  10. Og Style

Several very long tracks of DJ Rectangle's can be acquired via Napster, that don't appear on any of his studio albums.

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