A mountain in the west of Ireland, near Westport in County Mayo. It is oft traversed by pilgrims making their way to the small Catholic chapel at the summit. The mountain is a fair size at 2500ft tall, which makes you wonder how they built the chapel. There's a service at the chapel a couple of times a year but it's open for most of the summer.

People will tell you that the pilgrimage is traditionally done barefoot. Note that the word 'traditionally' doesn't mean that anyone does it any more. I'd say around 1 in 500 people climbing it go barefoot. You're climbing over scree. Everyone's blanking you as you approach them and turning and gaping after you've passed. People are taking photos of you. It's not nice.

Once you're at the top you could have a nice view, but it gets rather misty up there. Catholics who climb it have just about earned a plenary indulgence. Others who climb it have learnt what one is. As mountain paths go, it's pretty badly eroded. And there's rather too many tourists on it, if you aren't one yourself. At least there's little risk of getting lost or isolated, with the continuous ooze of people winding their way up it. And there's the special atmosphere, something few mountains have. So it's OK, I guess

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