A special dish of the Cantonese BBQ variety. Cantonese cuisine has a special line of roasts that it is famous for, including roast duck, goose and pork. Go to Chinatown and look for a glass shopfront with roasted poultry hanging on hooks, and you can order some of this excellent food. I recommend roast duck with plum sauce, but there are many choices available.

Crispy roast pork is cooked very differently from regular roasts. Crispy skin and a soft juicy meat. Very nice. It has a unique smoky flavor, and is highly recommended. It's a bit hard to make, so if you don't feel like wasting time, go to a shop and buy it! It's a lightly colored slab of meat. Point to it and they'll chop it for you.

This is my mother's recipe.

  1. Buy a slab of pork ribs, including the skin. It should be about 10 inches by 10 inches.
  2. Marinate the pork with salt and "five spice powder" on the bone side. I have no clue what the English name is. It's used widely in Oriental cooking however, so a trip to the Asian food store should yield positive results.
  3. Liberally spread some salt on the skin side of the pork before baking.
  4. Preheat oven to 225C.
  5. Bake meat at 200C, for about 1 hour.
  6. Scrap off the layer of salt. Some of it would have stuck to the skin, leave that.
  7. Grill at high heat for about 15 minutes. Flip it over a few times to spread the heat evenly. When holes appear on the skin, that means it is crispy, and the dish is done.
  8. Cut into bite sized squares and serve with a sweet sauce. The dish is slightly salty and smoky, so plum sauce works very well.

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