An excellent arrangement of a few songs from Xenogears.

  1. Melkaba, 7:22

  2. Two wings, 2:56

  3. Balto, 5:33

  4. Creid, 4:39

  5. Dajil, 4:10

  6. Stairs of Light, 3:43

  7. June Mermaid, 4:06

  8. Spring Lullaby, 5:27

  9. Lahan, 4:30

  10. Mebius, 6:22

Every track on there is someone's favorite. Myself, I like Dajil and Lahan. There are only a few lyrical tracks, in which the lyrics are in Japanese. Perhaps some kindly Japanese-speaking noder could translate them?

These songs use many synthesized and electric instruments, but don't make a habit of smacking you upside the head with them, with the possible exception of Dajil. On the whole, it is a very gentle collection (once again, with the possible exception of Dajil), and unlike some of Square's other arrangements (Love will Grow springs to mind), the tunes are very recognizible as the originals.

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