<blink>Attention lazy sods:</blink> This is REALLY easy to make. I mean really. All you need is sweet potatoes and a microwave oven. I find there are very few microwave oven recipes which are any good, but seeing as I am so lazy, I am always on the lookout for them. This is one of the finest, and also one of the easiest to make.

I was eating lunch at a friend's house one day, when his mom brought out these extremely yummy sweet potatoes. They were tender and succulent and creamy and generally very yummy. So I asked his mum for the recipe, and was quite astounded by her reply:


You will also need a microwave oven and a large microwave-proof dish. (No - you don't need additional spices, salt, pepper, etc.)


I'm deliberately not writing amounts here, as they will vary by the size of your microwave oven. Don't worry - it's very easy to make, and I'll explain it pretty thoroughly.

Peel the sweet potatoes. Slice them up into thin slices. By thin, I mean about 1 cm or less, not paper-thin. Layer the dish with the slices. You can make it several layers deep (about 4-5 layers). Sprinkle the onion mix on it so that it covers the sweet potatoes pretty evenly with a thin layer. You can choose how much cream or milk you use. You can use only cream, for that rich taste, or only milk if you're on a diet. I like to use both, as I find it tastes best that way. Also, you can use whatever cream you like. I'll node the recipe how I like to make it, but you can change it around, to suit your taste buds.

Criss-cross heavy cream over the potatoes. I use about 5 tablespoons worth overall, I think. Then pour milk on it. Try to make sure that you pour the milk evenly, so that it comes into contact with all the onion mix. And pour gently, so that when you've finished pouring it over all the surface area, the potatoes should be in about 2 cm of milk.

Cover and microwave for about 12 minutes on full strength in an old microwave oven, which is what I have. As you probably know, different microwaves are different. If you have a new, powerful microwave oven, start off with about 8 minutes, and see how it goes.

The potatoes should be soft now, and there should be abit of dark gravy on the top. If you forgot to cover well, there should be a pool of oniony milk all over the microwave floor.

How simple is that? Bon appetit!

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