Crazywell Pool (Also known as Classenwell, Classiwell, Clazywell or Claeywell Pool) is a pool in Dartmoor, formed by mining activity leaving a dip in the land, which later flooded.

The pool is subject of local folklore, often said to be used in predicting the future. It is said that on certain dates looking into it will allow one to see the likeness of the next local to die.

The pool used to be used in training exercises by the military, until a young marine drowned there several years ago.

Often, walkers swim in the pool, but it is unfortunately bloody cold. I have had the pleasure of swimming in it myself, but whilst there I felt as if the water was sucking the strength out of me, and it was easy to picture how a swimmer could accidently drown. After treading water a while, I felt forced to swim to the side. However, the legendary David Byatt (who I was with at the time) swam several lengths of the pool (an impressive feat - the pool is around 100 meters in length.)

The pool is located at the OS grid reference SX5825070550, and if you are walking in that area it is well worth it to make it a stop and have a look at it.

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