Cosmological Physics is a textbook about cosmology written by John Peacock. As of 2000 it is the most comprehensive book on the subject. It also smells nice. It delves into quantum field theory in order to address the physics of the early universe, but is strongly informed by recent observational results.

I should add that the reason I node this book is tha John was my Masters thesis supervisor. I got to read the book just before It got published. I read the whole damn thing and was able to follow maybe 60%. Its a great book, but is best used as a good review for the state of the art.

I didn't realise how famous he was until I went off to grad school in the States and people kept asking me what he was like.

The book is of a very high standard. Now I work for a science publishing house and I can appreciate even more the quality of this work. It falls into the category required reading if you want to take cosmology seriously.

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