In Mage: the Ascension, the study of the Sphere of Correspondence is the study of relationships between patterns and how to exploit them. The prevailing theory (coincidentally toted by more traditional mages) is that because all things were once part of the One, they still remember their common bonds. Correspondence effects are easier to work when there is a physical, mental, or spiritual link between the two objects- a mage will be able to teleport into her childhood home easier than it would be to teleport into a bathroom in the White House.

An apprentice in Correspondence is able to spot inconsistencies in the Tapestry such as spatial instabilities and wormholes and produce small objects out of thin air, while greater competancy allows a mage to bring other people with her when she teleports between places, and the capacity to truly be in three places at once.

This Sphere is the home seat of the Virtual Adepts, and before them, the Ahl-i-Batin.

Hello He said, quietly

Hey, she replied, eyes downcast

Can I call you? He asked, a blank paper request

Sure, said she, scrawling her name and numbers with cursive blue ink


When can I see you again? He asked

I had a great time last night, she murmured

Lock up when you leave?

was the last note

He left.

Cor`re*spond"ence (-sp?nd"ens), n. [Cf. F. correspondance.]


Friendly intercourse; reciprocal exchange of civilities; especially, intercourse between persons by means of letters.

Holding also good correspondence with the other great men in the state. Bacon.

To facilitate correspondence between one part of London and another, was not originally one of the objects of the post office. Macualay.


The letters which pass between correspondents.


Mutual adaptation, relation, or agreement, of one thing to another; agreement; congruity; fitness; relation.


© Webster 1913.

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