The cards that suits and employees of large organizations use to identify themselves to doors. Corporate ID cards are programmed for access and usually have the photograph of the owner on the card.

I have two. One for three floors of office space and one for the elevator, in case I feel like working after hours and I don't really look much like either of the photographs that are supposed to be me.

I'm never sure what use the picture is. When I worked at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce we had to show our badges to the security guard every morning. Because I was a coop student, I did not have a picture on my badge. In the blank spot where the picture should have been I taped a picture of Snoopy cut from the Saturday colour comics. It was one where Snoopy was sitting in a tree, all droopy, as if he was a vulture.

Every day for four months I showed this badge to the guards. Now, either I really look like that at 8:30 am, or the picture means very little.

It's also been repeatedly proven that you can walk away with any piece of equipment in the office, so long as you have blue coveralls and a hand cart. No badge required.

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