Computer Stew, now defunct, was a great daily webshow that ran from fall 1999 to spring 2001. There are 372 episodes altogether; they are no longer available. I managed to archive all of them before the site was taken down. From the filler website (

Computer Stew was the groundbreaking comedy show that ran on ZDNet for five award-winning seasons. A comedy show about technology, Computer Stew was made entirely with off-the-shelf software and hardware which cost less than $2000, proving that you no longer needed a multimillion dollar television studio to create a screamingly funny show. You just needed a computer, a webcam, and a mild psychiatric disorder.
The production staff, all ZDNet employees, included:

The show was dutifully released every weekday as streaming RealPlayer, QuickTime, or Windows Media. Episodes were about 5 minutes each. The effects and occasional animation were clever and silly, not professional. The sound tended to be pretty poor. But the content... pure gold!

Some of the recurring characters:

Computer Stew also had a very active bulletin board, populated by "stewpids". The bboard has been kept alive on John's new site,

I almost cried the day I heard that Computer Stew was being cancelled. I'd been watching it since around the 50th episode. It came about the same time that Forum 3000 and Daily Radar (the non-sucky US one) went under. It's a strange thing when so many of your daily-checked websites go defunct in such a short time. You end up finding things like everything2. Still, I'll always miss watching John shave his entire body in the middle of Boston, or prank-call a software piracy hotline, or hurl his intern from the 5th floor of the parking garage. ::sniff::

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