(Note: Yes, I'm referring to American Football... though the way I word this, it MIGHT fit for plain ol' Football, too)

A few choice matchups between the teams of H@x0r5, System Admins, Hackers, and Coders.

Team H@x0r vs. Team Sysadmin: Team H@x0r, as expected, came out playing a strong offensive game. After getting plays from other teams (Including Team Hacker and Team Coder), they figured they knew every hole in Team Sysadmin's defense. Team Sysadmin caught on and changed their tactics early on. Team H@x0r never adapted.

Team Sysadmin vs. Team Hacker: Before the game, Team Hacker managed to grab a copy of Team Sysadmin's playbook. They attempted to warn Team Sysadmin of potential holes in their defense, which could lead to catastrophic scoring chances later on. Team Sysadmin refused to listen, believing their defense to be impervious after their outing with Team H@x0r. Team Hacker went straight for the holes, while keeping their own defense solid. Team Sysadmin eventually forced themselves to change tactics again, but with the seasoned vetrans hammering on them, they eventually went on to defeat.

Team Hacker vs. Team Coder: Team Hacker, fresh from a win against Team Sysadmin, came confidently against Team Coder, expecting the same game as last year. They approached the field with improved versions of Team Coder's plays that they were diddling with every now and then in the off-season. What they never expected, though, was the Team Coder completely rewrote their game before the match. Team Hacker tried to read Team Coder's game as it unfolded (Since Team Coder's strategies were well-documented), but every time they thought they found a weakness in the defense, Team Coder completely rewrote their game AGAIN, forcing Team Hacker to start learning from scratch. Team Coder goes on to victory.

Team Coder vs. Team Sysadmin: Team Coder lept onto the field, ready to make new plays to confuse Team Sysadmin, but it was clear from the beginning that Team Sysadmin was in control of the game. Offensive play after offensive play was shut down as Team Coder realized they couldn't get past Team Sysadmin's restrictive defense. Team Sysadmin launched attack after attack on Team Coder's plays, earning an easy win before kicking them off the field, locking the door behind them.

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