Color a Dinosaur was a cartridge developed for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was not, as most cartridges designed for the Nintendo were, a game. The cartridge was exactly what its name suggested: an electronic coloring book, where the player(?) could select one of several cartoonish dinosaurs, and then color it in by selecting some bright primary colors.

And that is it.

While it is good that someone should try to develop a way to use the Nintendo that is not a violent or competitive game, this is simply not it. There is nothing that this cartridge doesn't do that a coloring book and a box of crayons couldn't do. Considering the totally involving, and yes, imaginative world that could be packed onto a NES cartridge such as The Legend of Zelda, the idea of someone actually buying an electronic coloring book is somewhat ridiculous.

I suppose with enough marijuana, some hipsters might be able to get ironic fun out of this. But much like Def Leppard and Taco Bell, there are some things that not even irony can improve.

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