Silent movie star Colleen Moore took over Hollywood, ranked with Mae West, collaborated with King Vidor, and befriended Buster Keaton and F. Scott Fitzgerald. This astounding lady invented the bob hairdo, was a leader of the flappers, and later built the second biggest dollhouse in the world, Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle (which resides in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago) with running water, readable books and solid gold plated sinks.

But before that, Colleen was born Kathleen Morrison in 1902 (she changed her name because Colleen was more edgy than Kathleen, and Morrison would not fit on the marquis). She lived in Florida and had mismatched eyes. One was blue, the other yellow. In very close up photography, Colleen was instructed to turn her head slightly to one side so that the difference would be negligible.

Colleen was very gifted with these strange eyes. In one of her films, Ella Cinders (a ‘20’s version of Cinderella) she moves them in all sorts of directions, right eye going in circles while the left stayed still. Sometimes she would go walleyed. One eye would blink while the other moved up and down. It was quite a spectacle.

This woman was quite a character, always daring in her day. Her movie career ended around the time of the talkie, when facial manipulation (her real strength) was less important. She went on to support various charities, touring her Fairy Castle around the country to benefit sick children.

Colleen Moore died on January 24, 1988

Just some interesting facts. Learn more by reading her autobiography, Silent Star.

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