(Condensed Biography)

Colin Hay was born in Scotland on June 28th, 1953. At the age of 14 he moved with his family to Australia where he would later meet the future members of his band Men at Work (1979-1986).

In 1987, Colin Hay released his first solo debut entitled “Looking for Jack”. This album was named after Colin had met Jack Nicholson. By the time Colin had released his 4th solo album in 1994, he had created his own record label and named it “Lazy Eye Records”.

During the 2nd season of the TV sitcom “Scrubs” in 2002, Colin had 2 of his singles featured in the show, as well as a cameo where he sang and played the acoustic version of “Overkill

Colin Hay is still touring and a more detailed biography can be located at his official webpage ColinHay.com.

Solo Albums:

Looking for Jack – 1987
Wayfaring Sons – 1990
Peaks and Valleys– 1992
Topanga – 1994
Transcendental Highway – 1998
Going Somewhere – 2000
Company of Strangers – 2002

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