Tony Rice's 1984 Rounder Records album was a surprise for his fans, as instrumentalist Rice presents an LP of all vocal tracks, featuring recordings of songs by Gordon Lightfoot, Randy Newman, Lester Flatt, and Rodney Crowell, in addition to the traditional tunes. Though many fans appreciated Rice's voice in a bluegrass context, it was quite a departure for a master flatpicker to present an album that focused on his solo and lead singing.

  1. Cold On The Shoulder
  2. Wayfaring Stranger
  3. John Hardy
  4. Fare Thee Well
  5. Bitter Green
  6. Muleskinner Blues
  7. Song For Life
  8. Why Don't You Tell Me So
  9. If You Only Knew
  10. Likes Of Me
  11. I Think It's Gonna Rain Today

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