Upon completion of knighthood training and after ceremonies were completed to bestow the title of “knight” upon the candidate, they were expected to live up to a certain code. While no formal document exists that expressly governed a knights code of conduct or defined chivalry per se, there were certain traits that they were expected to adhere to. Amongst them were Prowess, Justice, Loyalty, Defense, Courage, Humility, Largesse, Nobility and Franchise. In order to live a full and life worthy of respect by all, a knight also should display the following characteristics: Fair Play
Fair play involved never attacking an unarmed foe, never charge an unhorsed opponent, never attack from behind, avoid cheating and avoid torture Valor
To display valor, a knight must exhibit courage both in his words and his actions, avenge the wronged, defend the weak and innocent, fight with honor and to never abandon a friend, ally or a noble cause. Honor
To display ones honor as a knight, one must never break a promise, maintain one’s principles, never betray a confidence or a friend, avoid deception and show a respect for life. Courtesy
A knight should always exhibit manners, be attentive and show a respect for one’s host, authority, and woman Perhaps the best description of how a knight ( or for that matter, anybody) should view life, I highly recommend reading Desiderata

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