A town in Ontario, Canada. population: approx: 25,000. Cobourg is located about 45 minutes East of Toronto just off the 401. It is a tourist town with some light industry. Its main feature is it's large and clean beach and park area and marina on Lake Ontario. It has a great waterfront festival each Canada Day weekend as well as several other tourist type events. It has a variety of restaurants, including must of the major franchises, and some great chip wagons and ice cream parlours. Cobourg also has a small mall.

The heart of Cobourg is its downtown which has recently been renovated for better pedestrian access. There are many shops there to explore and it is right near the beach and marina. The cornerstone of the downtown is Victoria Hall, a very historical building with a courtroom, art gallery and theater (the drama type).

Many people come to visit via the marina and yacht club- they will sail or boat in, moor there boats and then just stroll right in to downtown. There are also a few golf courses in the area. Down Highway 2, West about 5 minutes is the town of Port Hope where you can get some additional shopping done, if you are into antiques. Between the two downs is a Drive-in movie theater which is quite popular during the summer as there are few left. There are also waterfront trails for hiking and other spots such as Northumberland Forest aren't too far off either.

Co"bourg (?), n. [Named from the town of Coburg in Germany.]

A thin worsted fabric for women's dresses.


© Webster 1913.

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