This is the genealogy of the programming language Clu:

Clu was born in year 1974, and has not changed much since that time.

This genealogy is brought to you by the Programming Languages Genealogy Project.

CLU stands for Chartered Life Underwriter. This is a designation that can be earned by professionals in the insurance industry. The CLU requires a total of eight courses. The designation also requires the following taken from the website.

    “You must meet experience requirements and ethical standards. Three years of business experience immediately preceding the date of use of the designation are required. An undergraduate or graduate degree from an accredited educational institution qualifies as one year of business experience. When using formal education as qualifying experience, the remaining two years must immediately precede the date of the award.”
The CLU designation signals that the professional has sufficient experience and knowledge to deal with life insurance policies.

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Clu is also the name of Kevin Flynn's search-and-retrieve program in the 1982 Disney movie Tron. Clu is played by the actor who plays Flynn, Jeff Bridges. Unfortunately, Clu does not last long; he is captured or killed by the MCP's enforcers early in the movie.

Clu has a small, floating, geometric solid as a companion, named Bit, who does manage to escape.

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