A public high school in Midlothian, Virginia. Also known as Clover Hell

(Note: this entry last updated June 2000)

There's only one boy's bathroom in the entire school that has stall doors. The bathroom that is all the way down in the English hall (above the Foreign Language hall, and across from 219 (a computer lab)), it usually has toilet paper if noone hasn't tried to flush the roll down the toilet. On special occasions it even has *gasp* SOAP! On the opposite end of the school there's the handicapped bathroom. Teachers use it all the time, and there's only one handicapped kid so I never felt bad using it. Supposedly kids have got caught using it and got in trouble, the four years I went there, I never had any problems with it.

The library computers' harddrives are write-protected, so when Netscape tries to write to it, it crashes. It's so horrible. And the security on the computers are just as bad. For instance, to run a program just goto File->Open->Choose File under Netscape and then select file type to All files *.* Go looking through the harddrive for a program you want to run, and the right-click on it and select Open (not Select). You can't run all programs (like explorer.exe and command.com), but things like Notepad and stuff are useful.
You can also by-pass the security on the computers by simply changing the proxy (I'm not going to tell you how or what to use though :-) One time in Bioethics we spent four classes there (which is a week and a half on block scheduling) and I was supposed to be doing research on abortion. But the filter software blocked everything with the word "abortion" in the page. Luckily, I knew this trick. Also the proxy we used tended to be a lot faster than the school's. You can't change the proxy on library computers though, only teachers, computer labs, or the computer behind the central desk in the library.

Another trick under Netscape is playing music. Look in the lower left of Netscape, there should be a brown padlock and a blue plug right next to it. If you don't see the plug, you can't do it. If you do, goto www.shoutcast.com and find some radio station to listen to!

If you have an empty class, you have to be a library aid. That class rules! You do almost nothing in there and get credit for it. Once in awhile you have to clean up your section of shelves or take some cardboard boxes out, but for the rest of time you spend time on the Internet, talk to friends, read books, walk around the school, look at (and help) hot chicks try to figure out how to stamp their pass, etc. But if you're lazy and do dumb stuff, like go to the bathroom and come back 45 minutes later, don't expect the librarians not to let you slack off anymore.

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