Classes are broken down into type, in alphabetical order by designation.

AD- Destroyer Tender
Designed to handle the specific needs of Destroyers, Guided Missile Destroyers, Guided Missile Cruisers and Guided Missile Frigates. Mainly concerned with battle damage repair or with industrial level repair of surface combatants in forward areas where port facilities may not be available.
AE- Ammunition Ship
Ammunition transport ship responsible for the replenishment at sea of surface combatants in an operational environment. Aviation capable.
AFS- Combat Stores Ship
Essentially a large military cargo ship designed to transport large amounts of materials and equipment that cannot practically be relocated by aviation assets.
ATF- Fleet Ocean Tug
Large Ocean going tug intended to retrieve stranded units unable to move under their own power. Also used for movements of vessels without crew from one location to another.
ARS- Rescue and Salvage Ship
Designed to retrieve and repair seriously damaged surface combatants in an operational environment or to salvage resources from assets not able to be practically repaired.
ASR- Submarine Rescue Ship
Specific ship designed to rescue stranded submarines either adrift or unable to move from the Ocean floor. Carries equipment specially designed for the purpose of rescuing submariners in distress beneath the surface of the ocean.
AO/AOE- Oiler/Oiler and Ammunition Ship
AO- Responsible for the transport of aviation and other fuels from distribution points to deployed assets at sea. Capable of carrying out underway replenishment, they provide deployed vessels fuels necessary to operate without visiting port for direct support. Aviation capable and typically carry one to two H-46 Sea Knight helicopters for Vertical Replenishment (VERTREP,) operations.
AOE- Largest auxiliary ship in the United States Navy and able to carry everything from refrigerated stores to ordinance necessary for sustained combat operations at sea. Aviation capable and typically carry one to two H-46 Sea Knight helicopters for Vertical Replenishment (VERTREP,) operations.
AR- Repair Ship
Mobile industrial repair facility serving all classes of ships.
AS- Submarine Tender
Mobile submarine repair vessel able to maintain nearly all of a given submarine's systems, usually deployed in theater to avoid lengthy transits necessitated by specific equipment.
CG- Guided Missile Cruiser
Provide air, surface and subsurface defense as well as naval gunfire support for a given battle group or surface action group. Able to cruise independently over large distances, Guided Missile Cruisers field complex radar arrays and other electronics designed to be a part of an impenetrable umbrella over a given group of operational ships. Usually carry two SH-60B Seahawk ASW helicopters.
CV/CVN- Carrier/Nuclear Powered Carrier
Designed to launch, recover and otherwise handle combat aircraft quickly and efficiently in a specific theater of operation. The centers of the modern task force, aircraft carriers are primarily used to effectively project naval power in a given environment quickly with little additional support. Typical carrier air wing composition include the F-14A/B/C/D Tomcat, F/A-18 A/B/C Hornet, EA-6B Prowler, E-2C Hawkeye, SH-60F Seahawk, C-2 Greyhound, S-3A/ES-3B Viking.
DD/DDG- Destroyer/Guided Missile Destroyer
Multipurpose vessels used in all aspects of modern naval combat operations. Typical Destroyers are able to carry one or two SH-60B Seahawk helicopters depending on hull number and incorporated modifications. Also an integral part of a modern battle group's composition.
FFG- Guided Missile Frigate
Smaller vessels used to search out and identify possible threats to a battle group; Frigates provide maneuverable patrol assets essential to clearing a path for following ships. Capable of carrying two SH-60B Seahawks.
LCC- Amphibious Command Ship
Designed to provide amphibious commanders a platform from which a conflict can be directed without removing the upper chain of command from the soldier in the field. Provide command and control for amphibious operations including air support, landings and supply.
LHA- Amphibious Assault Ship
Able to embark and then land a Marine battalion via helicopter, landing craft, amphibious vehicles of any combination of the aforementioned. Typically support the AH-1W Huey Cobra, CH-53E Sea Stallion and CH-46 Sea Knight.
LHD- Amphibious Warfare Ship
Similar to the LPH, the amphibious assault ship is essentially designed to be convertible from an Assault Ship to an anti-submarine warfare ship. Carry AV-8 Harriers for ground assault missions. LPD- Amphibious Transport Dock
Combines features of the Dock Landing Ship (LSD,) with that of the Amphibious Assault Ship (LPH,) and has the capacity to support 8 helicopters.
LPH- Amphibious Assault Ship
Designed to embark and then land as many as 1,800 Marines via helicopters or other vehicles. Can also assist with anti-submarine warfare.
LSD- Dock Landing Ship
Able to load and then transport a large number of amphibious vehicles, provide service for small ships and craft via the use of a flooding well deck and the stern of the ship. Capable of refueling aircraft onboard but only capable of constantly supporting one CH-53E Sea Stallion.
MCM- Mine Countermeasures Ship
Designed to operate in environments where the need for the neutralization of enemy mines is required on a regular basis.
MCS- Mine Countermeasures Support Ship
Operates in support of MCM units deployed to a specific area and able to execute significant repairs to ensure sustained combat operations.
PC- Patrol Craft
Provide surveillance and patrol resources in shallow water or restricted areas where larger surface combatants cannot travel without serious risk or due to physical impossibility. Can also provide insertion and extraction capabilities to special warfare units operating in the area.
SSN- Attack Submarine, Nuclear Powered
Designed to attack enemy surface combatants, submarines and land targets using a variety of conventional munitions. Powered by a nuclear reactor.
SSBN- Ballistic Missile Submarine, Nuclear Powered
submarine intended to launch nuclear counterstrike or pre-emptive first strike, thereby brokering Armageddon and signaling the end of the world as we know it.

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