Cillian Murphy (pronounced "Kill-ian") is an actor from Cork, Ireland who lives in London, England. Personally, I think he's the creepiest actor since Christopher Walken. He just has this thing with the eyes that gives me chills. He's kinda charming with ladies, but he has a kind of cold, serial-killer creepiness.

He first got into acting I think with the play Disco Pigs, which was a big success and later was made into a less successful movie starring him. Although he's done a variety of roles, like the dramas How Harry Became a Tree or Cold Mountain, he seems to be rising as a star in horror-type films. He played Jim in the movie 28 Days Later. In 2003, he got a role in the Dublin Drama/Comedy Intermission. He also took part in a stage production of The Playboy of the Western World in 2004. Later on, he auditioned for the role of Batman in Batman Begins (2005). The role was eventually given to Christian Bale, but director Christopher Nolan liked Cillian's audition so much that he gave him a role as Batman's arch-nemesis Dr. Jonathan Crane, the villain Scarecrow. That same year, he got one of the main roles in Red-Eye, as a charming professional killer.

IMDB reports that he's 5'9", was planning a career in law until he discovered the world of acting, and is a vegetarian but once played a butcher in Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Cloudstrife says Also note that, in Ireland, he's more well known for taking his shirt off as often as possible rather than being creepy. :)

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