Painting by American artist- Andrew Wyeth, 1948.
Often described as "that picture of the young woman sitting in the grass by that old house"

It depicts a young woman in a simple summer dress, lying on her side alone, looking up the hill at a Maine farmhouse, quite a distance away from her.

The person is, in fact, Christina, who was disabled in some way, and unable to walk long distances on her own. The painting is somehow more poignant knowing that this field, this land around her home was in many ways her whole world.
She was a friend and neighbor of Wyeth's and the subject of many of his paintings.

When I look at this painting I see both the security of home and the estrangement people feel from their homes. It captures that ambiguity, I think, and that is one reason for it's lasting popularity.

You feel like you are there

some information from wyeth family site-

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