Former roadie for KMFDM, Chris Randall got his first break as a musician when KMFDM frontman Sascha Konietzko heard a demo tape of Ranall's, and passed it onto his record label, Wax Trax!. Randall recorded his first album as Sister Machine Gun in 1992 for Wax Trax!. After TVT's acquisition of Wax Trax!, Sister Machine Gun stayed with the label and released both The Torture Technique and Burn, the later of which met some commercial success, due to the appearance of Burn's title track on the best selling Mortal Kombat Soundtrack.

After Burn, Randall (Sister Machine Gun) recorded one more album for TVT, Metropolis, before leaving the label to start his own, Positron! Records. In 1999 Randall released his fifth album, Revolution.

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