Impossible Recording Machine (IRM) is the latest collaboration between Matt Walker (former percussionist for Smashing Pumpkins, Filter, and Cupcakes) and Jim Dinou (Exo/BombPop). Based out of Chicago, the two have been working together for ten years producing their eclectic blend of instrumental soundscapes. In 1999 they released the album Batterie under the moniker Retina. This impressive release sucessfully balanced bass-heavy hyper big beat drum tracks with etheral new age styling (including a vocal apperance from the talented Michelle Cross).

Their first album as IRM, Axioms, is slated for a September 4, 2001 release on Positron! Records. Billed as a preview album for three concept albums currently in production, initial details lead one to conclude that it will be even more mature than Batterie. Matt and Jim are notoriously perfectionist, reworking and recomposing samples and arrangements for years. Thankfully, Positron! Records is an artist's label that has and will give these musicians the time they need to do their thing.

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