There are several factors that are necessary in choosing a good cigar.

The main things to look at when choosing a cigar are smell, the quality of the roll, the dryness of the tobacco. Other factors to consider are the length, make, and size.

The aroma a cigar gives off while still in its box will give you a preview of how it will taste and smell once lit. It is wise to select a cigar that you think smells favorably, as it will enhance your smoking experience.

The Roll:
The way that your cigar is rolled will greatly affect the quality of the cigar. It should neither be too loose nor too tight. To determine the quality of the roll one may place his or her thumb and index finger on oposite sides of the cigar. Gently squeeze the cigar. Your fingers should not experience too much resistance, as well as not experience too little resistance.

The Dryness:
A dry cigar, no matter the smell or roll, will taste awful. Imagine a stale cigarette, multiply the experience by about one hundred, and you might begin to have an idea of what it will taste like. Checking the dryness of a cigar is very simple and easily done after checking the quality of the roll. Since your fingers are on opposite sides of the cigar, bring it up to your ear and gently roll the cigar in your fingers, and listen carefully. If the cigar makes no noise, it is too wet, and will burn very badly. If the cigar makes too much noise, it is too dry, and will taste awful. It is imperative to find the proper combination of the two.

Make, Length, and Size
These three factors are subjective, and should be taken into consideration before purchase. Longer cigars will burn for a longer period of time, the size of the cigar will also affect how long the cigar will burn. The brand of the cigar is valued on opinion, different people like different brands, the one thing to look for is where the tobacco was grown, this is a good barometer of the tobacco quality. Next to Cuba the Dominican Republic is considered one of the best.

If you plan to have several cigars at one time, though you smoke erratically, it is best to buy a humidor. This device is air tight, and will allow you to keep your cigars fresh for a very long time.

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