"Chinpokomon" is a spoof based on the Japanese word "Chinko", which is slang for penis. By adding the "po", it becomes a slang word for "little boy's penis". The whole word together means "little boy's penis monster". I watched this episode with my Japanese girlfriend. It took about 5 minutes for her to stop laughing and explain it to me. Considering what it means, I doubt you will see it in a Burger King combo meal.

Chinpokomon was the South Park guys' answer to Pokemon. The kids become obsessed with the chinpokomon show, and moreso with its merchandising in the form of action figures, video games, etc.

The show sends the kids messages about destroying the evil power, all the while chanting "I got to buy it! I got to buy it! Chinpo-ko-mon!" (Much like Pokemon's Gotta catch 'em all!) When the parents decide to see what sort of messages the show might be sending their kids, they find that the show is entirely unintelligible, as well as incredibly stupid.

Throughout the episode, the Japanese businessmen behind Chinpokomon evade the inquiries of Americans angry about talking chinpokomon dolls spouting off about how evil the American government is. They end up turning the conversation to how honored they are to be in the same room with the Americans' mastodonic penises, reminding them that they are but simple people with small penises. This gag is driven home if you're aware that chimpoko's English translation is penis.

Later, at Chinpokomon camp Emperor Hirohito reveals to thousands of kids that the evil power is the United States Government, and they set out to bomb Pearl Harbor.

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