Chico, California is a small town located about 2 hours drive north of Sacramento on Highway 99. Since Sacramento is the nearest sizable city to Chico, the town is pretty far out in the boonies. However, due to the state university's presence, the city is actually a huge party town. People come from far and wide to participate in festivities at times such as halloween, get extremely trashed, and have casual sex. Chico is an incredible contrast to any of the conservative nearby towns.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale comes from Chico, a beer which is popular in the area, but not one of my favorites. Chico also contains a venue known as the Brick House, where good bands like Less than Jake or Home Grown occasionally play. The northern Sierra Nevada mountains are only a 30 minute drive away, adding to the area's appeal. However, during summer the area is basically a living hell. All the college students flee the area and temperatures often rise to 110 degrees or higher. Visit this town in the spring or fall.

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