From: The Thorough Good Cook

Entrees: 7. Chickens with Macedoine of Spring Roots

Prepare for boiling two fat chickens of an equal size, and rub the breasts over with butter; slice a lemon without the rind, lay a few pieces on the breasts of the chickens, and completely cover them with slices of fat bacon, tied closely round ; place them in a stew-pan, fill up with poele; let them boil for half an hour; when you dish them, shake the water out and wipe off the fat. They should be served with a delicate Macedonian, made thus:
Boil some very young carrots, cut them of a neat shape; also some turnips, cut the same; a few French beans, cut; and some asparagus points boiled quite green; have boiling a very clear rich Spanish sauce, and a few minutes before you serve the chickens throw these roots into the sauce; let them boil up, then skim the sauce, and add a little sugar and salt.

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