This past weekend, I was driving home and noticed that the Burger King near my house had a changed the message board underneath the Burger King sign. The message board read: "Try the NEW Chicken Whopper". Intrigued, I decided to try a Chicken Whopper for lunch the next day. I could barely wait until the next day to try this wonderful sounding sandwich. Now I don't eat beef anymore, but I used to enjoy the conventional Whopper. Ever since I stopped eating beef, I stopped eating Whoppers. Until now, I thought.

What a coup! I thought that a Chicken Whopper was the same as a conventional Whopper, bearing all of the same toppings, just with chicken instead of beef.

The next day, I went to the Burger King and could barely contain my excitement. I ordered a Chicken Whopper, and my girlfriend ordered a Chicken Whopper, Jr. After waiting for over 15 minutes, we were finally on our way. I couldn't wait to get home and unwrap the Chicken Whopper.

I got it onto the table, got myself a drink and unwrapped the Chicken Whopper. To my absolute horror, I had received a BK Broiler! No pickles, no onions, no ketchup!

I was furious. The girlfriend thought I should relax and just enjoy the BK Broiler. I jumped into the car, drove back to the Burger King and demanded satisfaction. The girl at the cash register asked:

"Can I help you"?

"You sure can", I replied. "I ordered a Chicken Whopper and got a BK Broiler".

The PFY rolled her eyes and said, "The Chicken Whopper is a BK Broiler".

I still don't understand why Burger King thought it was necessary to change the BK Broiler's name. Furthermore, I would greatly enjoy a Chicken Whopper that is actually a "Whopper"!

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