Chernobog in Slavic mythology can literally be translated to The "Black God." He is the God of the night, chaos, evil, Hell, evil luck and infernal darkness.

His complete opposite is Belobog (The White God).

You might remember this feller from Modest Mussorgsky's A Night on Bald Mountain in Disney's Fantasia.

Also transliterated as Chernabog, Czernobog, Tchernobog.

Czarnobog, Cernobog, Chernobog, Crnobog, Czernoboch

Western Slavic god of the waning year and of the dead.

Czernobog appears as a minor character in Neil Gaiman's American Gods, a forgotten prince of darkness stranded in the modern world. He lives with the Zorya, mourning the loss of his brother and remembering the sacrifices men once made in his name.

Czernobog, also Chernobog or Chernabog, is a figure in Slavic myth. He is the shadow, and brother, of the creator, Bielobog. Together they seed the land that will one day become the Earth, however Czernobog wants land for himself, so he steals a grain of dirt from the bottom of the ocean and hides it in his mouth. This soon causes Czernobog to begin spitting, creating mountains. Soon, the earth was growing at an astonishing pace. Czernobog was angered with his brother, Bielobog, and waited until he fell asleep. Czernobog picked up Bielobog and went to toss him into the ocean but the land had grown so much that no ocean could be seen.

In the morning, Bielobog awoke and confronted Czernobog. This angered Czernobog and he fled from Bielobog, refusing to speak to him. Soon, Bielobog realized that the land had been growing far too rapidly and he did not know how to stop it. Bielobog sent an expedition to his brother, Czernobog. The expedition arrived to see Czernobog riding astride a goat and they laughed. This angered Czernobog and he refused to speak to them. Bielobog became frustrated, and sent a bee to spy on Czernobog.

Czernobog released the secret to stop land from growing but discovered the bee. He decreed that forever shall the children of Bielobog eat the bee's excrement, and sent the bee away. Upon returning to Bielobog the bee told the god what he had learned, and what Czernobog had decreed. Bielobog then decreed himself that the bee's excrement shall be the sweetest of all.

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