The Chausie is a breed of hybrid jungle cat characterized by its wild appearance and sweet temperament.


The overall appearance of the Chausie is much like that of its ancestor, the jungle cat. It generally comes in black, brown ticked tabby, and silver pointed colors. All of these colors share a leopard pattern on the chest and legs. The cat is large, muscular, and sleek; small Chausies are a rarity indeed.

The face has a wild look to it, with a long, sloping forehead and prominent cheekbones. The eyes are walnut-shaped and usually gold, and occasionally hazel and light or bright green. The ears are large, and long ear tufts are highly desirable as well as attractive.

The Chausie's body gives an athletic impression; it is a strong and well-muscled cat build for jumping and running. The torso is rectangular and narrow, and the legs are long. In show cats, the tail must be long, straight, and flexible, because a tail that is to short indicates a mutated gene.


Breeding of exotic jungle cats such as the Chausie is an exact science, and generations are kept track of carefully. The hybrids are usually referred to by the letter F and a number, such as F1, F2, or F3. 'F' stands for the filial generation. The number stands for how many generations the cat is away from its wild ancestors. F1s, for example, the result of wild jungle cats mated with domestic cats, have half wild blood and half domestic. Most F1, 2, and 3 males are unable to reproduce.

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