Charles Sturt University

Or specifically the Bathurst/Mitchell campus of

Charles Sturt University (hereon refered to as CSU is a university in Australia - if you want to call it 1 university as such, due to the fact that it has 8 campuses around New South Wales, Australia - Wagga Wagga, Broken Hill, Dubbo, Bathurst, Goulburn, Canberra, Sydney and Albury-Wodonga. As I attended the Bathurst (or Mitchell as it is "officially" known) campus, most of the information following will be concerned primarily with that campus.

The Bathurst campus offers quite a few courses (not as many as a normal university however - CSU likes to specialise) the main/most popular being

  • Communications (Public Relations, Journalism, and quite a few other strands that I can't remember)
  • Teaching (Early Childhood, General Primary)
  • Business
  • Human Movement (PE teaching to us normal folk)
  • Nursing
  • Pre-Hostpital Care (Ambulance/Paramedic training)
  • Information Technology (assorted strands - this is what I did)
  • Psychology The communcations course is one the most highly recognised in Australia and most students have work before they leave (in fact I've been hearing of more and more places that will only employ CSU graduates in relevant Communcations positions). In total their are around 30,000 student enrolled with CSU around Australia, a large proportion of these being Distance Education students. The Bathurst campus itself has on campus accomidation for around 1000 students, with around another 500 or so living in the town of Bathurst itself.

    I attended CSU-Bathurst for 4 years (yes, my degree was only supposed to be 3 years long - but, hey!, you're only at Uni once (normally), so you've got to make the most of it!), and lived for 4 years in the on campus residence called "The Diggings". CSU-Bathurst has 5 residences - The Towers, John-Oxley Village, MTG(Mitchell/Truskett/Gordon), The Diggings and Hargraves House - but of course The Diggings are the best :). They actually have a reputation of being the straightest most boring residence on campus, but that isn't hard to change (after the first bar night 2 years ago, my dorm had apparently made a porn video involving most of the dorm doing interesting things.. kinda dispelled that 'boring' myth pretty quickly - well about us anyway!)

    Of course the most important part of any university is the bar! CSU-Bathurst bar consists of 2 parts - The Rafters, and the Revellers - which can be opened and closed to change the size of the bar. Normal uni night out is Thursday with the bar putting on entertainment of some description each week. Bathurst is a country town and anyone who has been to a country town in Australia knows that they are never short of pubs - and Bathurst is no exception. The main haunts university for the students and The Eddy, The Ox and The Park, and are usually fairly busy come Thursday night, and are often used as a place to warm up before heading to the uni bar itself.


    Well, that probably doesn't really give you much of an insight into CSU-Bathurst, but at least its a brief overview of it, and if you're in Bathurst you now know where to head on a Thursday night!
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