Champernowne's constant is 0.123456789101112131415... (see the pattern?) It is, by contruction, normal in base ten and was shown to be transcendental in 1961.

Champernowne's Constant in binary (C2) has been known for a long time to be spigotable and therefore an easy source of all digital data. This was known at the time of the end of Napster P2P and may or may not have been used in its defense.

Champernowne Constant is a pseudonymous band that releases experimental original digital sound, except for a ringtone sized unique number in a text file which sounds (Plays) like part of Kraftwerk Pocket Calculator. CC was attacked by SONY Rootkit and SONY responded to damage claims by "practically" saying that CC should recalculate all of it's lost data and go ahead and generate SONY's data also. They were reminded of that when CC commented on SONY threatening sites which posted a number code for Blu-Ray. CC usually doesn't use the number to synthesize, but only takes the name to hint at the fact that Counting and Integers are Public Domain, as is the alphabet and generic words.

The rumor of illegal numbers and Converting Pi to binary: Don't do it! are false, since the numbers are original (prior art) and also not creative works.

Proof:Champernowne Constant contains all your files

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