Bored on a hot Saturday afternoon? Here's the perfect fix.

Equipment required
  • Ceiling fan, turned on at maximum speed
  • Sheet of paper, wadded up
  • Furniture to be placed in the room

Rules of play
Each player has 3 outs per inning. The game ends after both teams complete a number of innings agreed upon by each other. The object is obviously to score as many runs as possible before scoring 3 outs each inning. To put the ball into play, throw the wad of paper up into the fan and watch it get hit by the blades. Below are guidelines for scoring hits and outs:
  • Ball makes contact with fan and lands on the floor in the area below it -- foul ball.
  • Ball makes contact with fan and lands on the floor outside the area below the fan -- out
  • Ball lands on a large piece of furniture (such as on the seat of a chair or a couch) -- single
  • Ball lands on a smaller piece of furniture or on the top of a chair -- double
  • Ball lands on top of a bookshelf or mantle, in the next room, or in a trash can -- Triple
  • Ball lands inside a vase or on top of a small object resting on a shelf or mantle, or flies out an open window or door -- Homerun
  • Your cat sees the ball fly across the room and chases it to where it lands on the floor -- Fan interference, ground rule double.
It is assumed that all baserunners will advance the number of bases that the batter hits. For example, a runner on first will advance to third on a double, and will score on a triple.

source: Cheapass Games,

This game is perfect if you have a cat and already annoyed it enough to that these ideas no longer work. If you don't have a cat, you can still enjoy watching a paper ball fly across the room and break or knock over fragile objects. You can always blame your pet if something breaks.

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