"Technically you would only need one time traveller convention."
- Cat, A Present for Cat and Girl

"I'm going out of your mind!"
- Girl, Cat and Girl are Girl and Cat

Girl: "But we don't really need this money."
Cat: "Do you want to go to a state college?"
Girl: "(pause) Shut up and pass the babies."
Cat: "I didn't think so."
- Cat and Girl Sell Babies for Profit

Cat and Girl are a large, anthropomorphic cat and a cute and very intelligent little girl, and also the lead characters in Dorothy Gambrell's hilarious, intelligent, usually hyper-cynical, postmodern-or-whatever and generally definition-defying webcomic of the same name. Hand-drawn and computer-cleaned consistently almost every week since sometime in 1999, this visually simplistic, grayscale comic strip has found itself a considerable following of regular readers at http://www.catandgirl.com/.

Cat and Girl mostly lacks continuity, which allows Gambrell to experiment with serious point-making, references to old strips, various kinds of subtleties, and so on. The result is nearly always superb, as can be gathered at least from the existence of an apparently successful self-run merchandise store alongside the comic strip.

Other characters make differingly frequent appearances:

Cat and Girl cannot be explained in a three-paragraph writeup. Go there. Read. Read more. /msg me and tell me just how badly addicted you are. (No, actually, don't. Only if you want to. Standard disclaimer applies, etc.)

Also worth checking out: Dorothy's newer, more visual (and colorful) series, The New Adventures of Death, and the yet newer, very metaphorically political series, The Ralph Bunche, both at Modern Tales (http://www.moderntales.com/)

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