What kind of special salad can one make with carrots ?

A question asked many times when I say I'll bring my Famous Carrot Salad to a BYO diner at the time I lived in the USA.

Take as many carrots as you would want to eat as a salad and multiply that with how manny people you would like to server.
Scrape the carrots from their sand and other nasties (this works easiest under running water) and chop off the top (as far as you are brave enough to eat).
Grate about 1/2 or 2/3 of the carrots with a fine setting and the remainder with a larger setting (this creates variation in the texture - you'll love it).
Now add some orange juice (about a tablespoon per person). Don't make it too juicy, but make sure that after a big stir there is a tiny bit of juice on the bottom.
And now comes the hard part; you'll have to choice between what you would like to add to it for extra flavour. Here's a handy dandy list:
  • Fine grated coconut + raisins. Keep mixing it in untill it looks cool (usually a spoon of coconut and two spoon of raisins per person) ... give it a tast and fine tune. For better taste well the raisins for 15 minutes in water, rum or vodka/wodka.
  • I have tried many different options, but the above (with rum) works best for my tast buds. If you would like me to list my other suggestions (apple, ginger, milk + suger, parsley + vinegar, etc) email or ICQ me.

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