Title: Conquerors
Release Date: October 1998
Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Howard Porter
Inker: John Dell
JLA Members: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman (Hippolyta), Green Lantern, the Flash, Aquaman, the Martian Manhunter, Zauriel, and Orion.
Guest Stars: The Sandman.
Bad Guys: The Star Conqueror.

So what happens?
North America is still sound asleep and dreaming the Star Conqueror's dreams. Out in the real world, Aquaman goes to try to communicate with the giant starfish in Hudson Bay, Batman studies the captive starfish the JLA has access to, and Flash discovers a flock of the giant starfish out in space preparing to land throughout Earth's continents and enslave all mankind. Orion gets back to Earth from New Genesis and immediately launches an attack on the monster in Hudson Bay; unsurprisingly, the starfish shoots back, knocking Orion out and injuring Aquaman.

Meanwhile, back in the Dreaming, the unpowered Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern must fight their way through a crowd of thousands of starfish-controlled dreamers to try to reach a little boy named Michael Haney. All seems lost when Superman gets a starfish planted over his face, but Michael suddenly remembers everything the dream made him forget, and his faith in Superman gives him his powers back.

Batman figures out a way to make all of the giant space starfish think that Earth is a hostile environment, and J'onn and Aquaman mentally transmit the message to the creature, while Green Lantern backs up the illusion within the dream itself. Panicked, the starfish try to withdraw, but the Sandman captures them and holds them prisoner within the Dreaming. Also, as North America awakens from its unnatural dream, Michael Haney is revealed to be, in the real world, a homeless vet...

In an epilogue, Hippolyta passes the Wonder Woman identity back to her daughter, Diana, and the Watchtower receives unexpected guests: the JLA of the distant future...

Cool Moments!
Superman blowing a starfish off his face with his heat vision.

Cool Quotes!
Zauriel, after pulling Aquaman out of the ocean and out of the giant starfish's reach: "The Fish and Fowl Team do the impossible!"
Aquaman: "Zauriel, I owe you my life, but don't ever call us that again."

Hippolyta, after quitting being Wonder Woman: "Frankly, my daughter looks much better than I do in a swimsuit."
Diana: "Mother!"

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