Swiss company founded in Geneva in 1924, manufacturers of pencils, crayons, fountain pens, and office supplies.

Words can't adequately describe what it's like to use a Neocolor crayon: it's like a piece of fine semisweet Tobler chocolate as opposed to a Hershey Bar. Unlike a Crayola, the color is rich, concentrated, and pure, and the crayon glides effortlessly across the page without looking waxy. Their colored pencils are a color junkie's dream (you know who you are, with the math notes that look like an illuminated manuscript.) Plus, they're aquarelles, so you can easily transform your pencil drawing into a watercolor with a wet camel's hair brush. The range of colors is more than adequate in both brights and earth tones alike, and they have white, silver, and gold, too. Luigi Seraphini drew the Codex Seraphinianus with them, and that is just gorgeous.

Their lead pencils are good, as well. Doesn't it say something that the Russian word for "pencil" is Karandash?

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